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mostly supernatural, star trek, the walking dead, sherlock, doctor who, hannibal, marvel, teen wolf, lotr/hobbit



star trek tos s2, sons of anarchy s4


a song of ice and fire, the war of the worlds


“Set your course by the stars, not by the lights of every passing ship”


Destiel ; McKirk (aos) ; Johnlock ; Sterek ; Stucky ; Merthur


sweats nervously

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J2 @ 2014 TCA Press Tour  [x] [x]


I went to Comic-Con. And it was a big deal, you see, top secret, they came and picked me up at my house, I got a call from my agent the night before saying, “Listen. Look at your window at 5 o’clock in the morning. If there’s a car there, you got the part. If there’s not, just go back to bed.” It was last minute. And the car was there.

cosmo tip #21 


during sex when he least suspects it, scream “EA GAMES” followed by whispering “challenge everything”

The brutality, the sacrifice… it changes you.


If it has not already happened, the day will come that some random muggleborn at hogwarts will tape a portrait of Nicholas Cage over the Fat Lady. It’s inevitable.

if there’s any true logic to the universe we’ll end up on that bridge again someday

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